Helping PNG schools with books and equipment

The following photos show recent work of The Peter O’Connor Foundation in PNG.

Bolubolu TVETThe picture, right, shows students at Girls Vocational school in Bolubolu, Goodenough Island, where the Foundation paid for the shipment of a library of books, 10 brand new electric sewing machines and kitchen utensils from Alotau to the school.





DSC02418The picture, left, shows staff at Santaq Maria Primary School, Watuluma on Goodenough Island. The Foundation paid for the shipment of a library of books to the school from Alotau. Some of the books in the library are displayed below.











At Ulutuya Primary school also on Goodenough Island, the Principal scraped together some money to build a permanent library building and the Foundation paid for the transportation costs from Alotau to the school of the library shelving from St. Monica’s High School in Cairns along with about 120 boxes of library books, teaching resources and library furniture.

DSC02392The photograph at right shows some students of the school with the books they have been given. It would not surprise if this rural school now has the best library of all rural schools in the country.







DSC02424At Santa Maria High School, Watuluma, the Foundation assisted in transporting the desks and chairs, many of the contents of the library, and the computers seen in photographs below. The computers are housed in a newly built IT building sponsored by Ausaid.





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