Helping education in Moresby settlements

6 Mile orphans with Fr Denny Guka

6 Mile orphans with Fr Denny Guka

The Anglican Diocese of Port Moresby supports an educational project for children who would otherwise have little or no education prospects.

It does this through supporting payment of:

School fees and education expenses for the children of the Clergy.
The cost of teachers and additional support for the Christ the King Elementary School at the Airport Training School Settlement.
Support for orphaned children at Six Mile Settlement, looked after by the Anglican Mothers Union members.
With a basic fortnight allowance of 350 kina, it is a tough call for clergy families to cover the project fees, school uniform and other expenses of schooling a child in PNG.
The Port Moresby Diocese assists by providing funds direct to the school bank account to help cover these fees.

The Foundation’s assistance will pay for teachers’ allowances for a year, and other “set up” expenses, such as stationery supplies and books for the settlement school.

The Diocese is also investigating incorporating a simple uniform for the school, which they believe will help give the students a sense of identity and belonging, as well as a huge boost to self confidence.

The Six Mile Settlement orphans have previously been looked after by Betty Mandoma, her husband and friends on an informal basis for about seven years.

There is no orphanage as such, just a shed for schooling and other activities. The Foundation will support the Diocese in paying some of the school costs for these children, to give them a better chance of improving their lives to move beyond settlement living.

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