Astonishing amount of material headed for PNG schools

Harry Graepel reports that he has loaded a container which is now on its way to Port Moresby (December 2017).

The chair of the Peter O’Connor Foundation, John Bottoms, said the container is loaded with an astonishing amount of educational material which will help the schools that the foundation supports in PNG, including publishing aids, science equipment and sports equipment.

Harry is pictured loading an earlier container.

Harry listed the new container’s contents as follows:
1 Kyocera printer.
3 Bizhub photocopiers.
20 microscopes.
4 tables (1.3m x 0.6m).
13 soccer balls.
3 small bags of assorted sporting gear (cricket bat, set with stumps, ball, bats).
6 bags of sport uniforms (netball bibs, athletics vests, sport shorts and shirts).
1 whiteboard.
2 x metre rulers.
1 blue metal display stand for library.
10 flutes (as in musical instruments).
357 chairs.
257 desks.
Between 160-200 boxes of library books, sets of textbooks, stationary and teaching aides. I lost count just how many.
2 sheets of plywood.

The three photocopiers occupied about one eighth of the container and prevented the loading all the desks in storage.

We will keep you posted on the reception of the materials at the PNG schools.

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