School thanks foundation

The Peter O’Connor Foundation has been thanked by the Saint Barnabas School of Nursing for paying for the shipment of a container to Alotau, Milne Bay Province.

The desk and medical books being loaded in Cairns

Saint Barnabas School of Nursing is a mainline church run institute headed by the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea. It is supported by the Catholic Church of Alotau Diocese and United Church of Papua Island Region.

Seventy-three cartons of books labeled MEDICAL were unpacked and distributed together with shelves to the St Banabas Nursing School.

The Principal, Mrs Tabua,was so grateful for the lovely and very expensive gifts.

As for the James Chalmers High School and Fife Bay Primary School we gave priority to the 34 desks and chairs for the Grade 10s mock examinations eventuating next week (June 2019).

These 34 desks and chairs were just enough to fill two Land Cruiser trucks which will be undertaken tomorrow.

Apart from the desks and chairs, we also located the laptops and we’re currently charging them and trying them out now. From the first four checked,they seem to be okay.

How grateful and joyful we’re for all these things. A big word of thanks to you Toeya, your associates, partners and all the donors in Australia as well as in Port Moresby for these wonderful gifts.

I strongly believe that these gifts will have a very big impact on the lives of the people that are using them especially in our schools ( Fife Bay Primary and JCM) the LLG, Milne Bay and the country as a whole.

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