Class photos from the O’Connor Community School

The School has seven classes with a total of 384 students.

Class 1.  Teacher Mr Emmanuel  F/26  M/14   Class total 40 Students 

Class 2 Teachers Ms Bounjui  F/28  M/26  Class total 54 Students

            Class 3 Teacher Ms Taukeii.  F/34  M/23  Class total 57 Students 

Class 4  Teacher Ms Kui  F/32  M/35 Class total Students 67

Lower Level Class 1. Teacher Mrs Henry F/33  M/30  Class total Students 63

006     Lower Level Class 2

            Lower Level Class 2 Teacher Ms Noho.  F/33  M/21  Class total Students 54

Upper Class 1  Teacher Mrs Kaupa  F/25  M/24 Class total Students 49

Sports days (Fridays)

Other classes

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